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Engineered to Measure up

Gages & Components

Engineered to Measure up

Non Contact Measurement System

Landau Gage is a world leader in precise measurement solutions with first-class, customer-focused service to add value to your process and inspection needs. Designed to Measure Up. Landau Gage features a patented new Non Contact Measuring System, capable of measuring parts in less than 2 minutes offering real-time results to make adjustments to the manufacturing process.

Measures parts in less than 2 minutes compared to 10-20 minutes for a touch probe CMM.

Gage Advantages

  • Measures parts in less than 2 minutes compared to 10-20 minutes for a touch probe CMM
  • Real time results to make adjustments to manufacturing process
  • High degree of detailed measurements
  • Enhanced User Interface for clear understanding of the measurements

Part Applications

  • RMS & Sector Roundness
  • Run Out
  • Min. Circumscribed Circle
  • Concentricity
  • Eccentricity
  • Eccentric Angle
  • Center X & Y
  • Least Square Circle
  • Max. Inscribed Circle
  • Final Result – PASS/FAIL


Plot Scale: To display the polar graph on a scale value of Microns per Division.

Plot Setting:

  • Center the plot
  • Show Raw Data
  • Show Reference Circle

Diameter Selection:

  • Plot Inner
  • Plot Outer
  • Master Part

Activity Level: Entry parts are scanned with different numbers of levels to calculate the mathematical features of the respective level.

Variable Data Gaging

Variable Data Gages provide a quantitative value for the component. These gages measure the complex characteristic of the part and display numerical measurement that provides an exact calculation to ensure quality and accuracy. Variable gages include Indicator Gages, Electronic Gages, Air Gages and Vision Gages. These types of gaging systems are user-friendly, cost effective and reliable.

Including indicators, air gages, electronic, computerized and visions, bore, height, bench gages and air spindles.

Indicator Gages

Indicator Gages can be used to control critical features such as bore size, feature position, etc. The readings can be used to control the machining operations and verify the process is in control. Indicator gages provide precise and accurate measurement solutions to ensure your critical components are exact.

Bore Indicator Gages

These gauges are used to measure a bore’s size, by transferring the internal dimension to a remote measuring tool.

Height Indicator Gages

These gages are used for determining the height of items.

Functional Indicator Gages

Jet Engine Indicator Gages

Pitch Diameter Indicator Gages

Electronic Gages

Electronic Gages provide instant and easy to read feedback on critical sizes. Electronic Gages can be indicator, column, or computer style and provide precise, accurate measurement solutions. Electronic gages are known for their ease of use, reliability, flexibility and also have the ability to output additional data for SPC and further processing analysis.

Air Gages

Air Gaging is a highly accurate method of checking tight tolerance features. These gaging systems are user friendly, and reliable for measuring your critical and complex components. Air Gaging can be used to check bores or shafts, where accuracy and repeatability are critical.

Attribute Gaging

Attribute gages include go / no go, functional and bench gaging systems. These gages measure part characteristics and either accept or reject the part based on accuracy. Attribute gaging is typically used for applications using simple designs. These gages are easy to use, reliable and a cost effective solution to determine the accuracy of your parts.

Including flush pin, go/no go, positional, thread, sight, functional gages and bench gages.

Go/No Go Gages

These types of gages include flush pin, go / no-go, positional, thread, sight, functional gages, & bench gages. Go / No Go Gages are a cost effective solution for measuring non-critical characteristics of a component and determine if a part is acceptable or not.

Functional Gages

Functional Gages are a cost effective and reliable solution to measuring components to determine if they are acceptable or not. These gages are user-friendly and are designed to check the MMC condition of the form to non-critical components.

Bench Gages

Functional Bench Gages are a cost effective method of verifying the machining process utilizing Go / No Go standards in to a base mounted Gage.

Standard Gage Products

Landau Gage is a provider of industry standard products which include AGD Master Rings, Disks, Electronic Gage Columns and Computers.

Including master rings, disk plugs, columns, indicators and computers.

AGD Master Rings/Disks

All Master Rings and Disks conform to ANSI standards. All Ring and Disk Masters have traceability to NIST and are available with ISO 17025 Certification.



Our columns and computers provide instant feedback to the user, allowing the user to take quick and accurate readings. All systems allow data output, with the computers systems having the ability to collect SPC data in the computer. Cost effective solutions are available for any application.


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